Indivica has grown to become the largest services and support organization involved with an open source EMR project. Indivica also has the largest dedicated software development team working on improving the solution.

Our team has developed numerous unique and innovative open source components on behalf of our diverse customer base. Furthermore, because of our work with the largest user deployments of the software, we have developed extensive performance, scalability, and stability improvements within the open source platform.

Our open source code is distributed under the GPLv2 open source license. This open license means that we share and distribute our open source modules for free.

Indivica publishes our GPL source code via our website. If you would like a copy, click the following to download:

Indivica Open Source

To compile the software, with Java 6 installed, run:

mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip -Dcheckstyle.skip